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Posted: February 24, 2016 in artwork, cartoon, movie watch, text
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On the old page, I used to write little one (or sometimes 2) sentence summaries about movies I’ve seen recently. It’s always fun to read them some time later and try to remember what the movie was like, so I’m starting this up again. I’m not a film critic or anything, just writing down how much I liked a movie, the main thing I noticed about it, or how well entertained I felt while watching it.

I want to keep that stuff really short and maybe illustrate it with a sketch or something, but for now here’s a cartoon I drew for “my” radio station, SWR4 (it’s not actually mine, I just work there…). They have a comedy series where they sing funny lyrics to well-known songs, it’s called “Hits with a Joke”… This week’s joke was about movies, so it kind of fits. Anyway, here we go:


The 5th Wave: A (hopefully) cheap production swimming on the wave of teenage dystopian fiction, I already don’t remember the characters or story. 3 out of 5 Aliens.

Hateful 8: Why do I keep watching Tarantino movies with high hopes? There hasn’t been a single one I actually liked yet. Haven’t been so bored and looked at my watch so often during a movie in a long time. 2 out of 5 Jelly Beans.

Deadpool: Keeps everything the trailers promised, how do they get so much irony across without showing their main character’s face half the time? 5 out of 5 super heroes.


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