Me and my Games – The Walking Dead: Michonne

Posted: March 8, 2016 in artwork, movie watch, post apocalyptic, text, zombies
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First of all, I wouldn’t say I’m a gamer. I do like my playstation, and I used to play a lot back when I still had a pc, but I really don’t spend all that much time playing games anymore and I usually only play one game at a time, only buying a new one after the other is finished.

The Walking Dead series by Telltale, however, is the one big exception to my no-gaming-on-the-macbook-rule, and the only reason I have a steam account.

The games themselves are pretty horrible. The graphics are quite ugly, the controls suck sooo hard, there’s minute-long cut scenes you can’t skip, there’s no way to play the original version in Germany and the translations are so bad I have trouble understanding what the hell the choices are supposed to mean…

If it was anything but TWD, I’d never even consider spending money on a game like that, but unfortunately I’m a complete zombie addict, and I just love the TWD universe so much I even play games I don’t like just to see another story unfold. If they had made the stories from the games into movies, I’d buy them in a second, but there aren’t any movies so I’ll just have to suffer through a few more chapters.

Am I imagining things or are there less and less things to do, look at or touch in each new episode? I’m not complaining, mind you, just noticing that it kind of feels even more restricted. Episode 1 of “Michonne” felt pretty short, too. Not much time to get to know the characters, the whole thing took me about 90 minutes to play through.

But even though I don’t like the game, of course I’ll play every new episode that comes out. Maybe I’m a gamer after all.


Quick pen-on-paper sketch with even quicker coloring. Everyone who has played TWD: Michonne has thought of this, right? Right? Admit it, you have!

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