Comic Con Stuttgart!

Posted: May 8, 2016 in artwork, comic, Uncategorized
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Comic Con Germany is happening in my home town this year – June 25./26. right in Stuttgart! So naturally I was going to go there as a visitor – until I found the form for artists on their page and just spontaneously applied for a table.

So guess who’s going to have a table at Comic Con Germany now?! 😀

Comic Con

Comic Con

I’m really excited, this will be my first convention ever and I have no idea what to expect.

At my table I’ll have all 4 (including the new) Angel Falls Comics, some postcards and maybe even a printed version of A Gobo’s Life. Anyone who buys something gets a personal drawing, and whoever shows up cosplaying a character from one of my comics gets a comic of his/her choice (doesn’t have to be mine) and I’ll treat them to a meal at the con. 😉

So if you happen to be at Comic Con Germany in June, visit me at my table (“my table at Comic Con Germany” – I have to say it again and again, it just sounds so cool!), I’m looking forward to meeting you!


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