Back from Comic Con Germany

Posted: July 6, 2016 in artwork, cartoon, comic, random, zombies
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Sooo. My first time. It probably wasn’t the last. 😀

This was my table at the con. The left side was the postapocalyptic part with Angel Falls Comics and decorations, right side was cartoons and postcards.


Deep down inside I probably didn’t expect to sell anything at all, so the first thing that happened on saturday was this:

me: "one chocolate bar, please." coffee lady: "...forgot to bring any change money, didn't you."

me: “one chocolate bar, please.”
coffee lady: “…forgot to bring change money, didn’t you.”

Once I started to draw, I realized I hadn’t done any non-digital drawing with actual pens on paper in forever, and how much I had missed that, so I just kept on drawing for the next two days straight. To give me an excuse I invented the “zombie cartoon apocalypse” and had a lot of fun drawing dead people for the rest of the con.


It was the first convention of this kind and size in Germany, and supposedly it was a huge success, so it’ll probably be even bigger next year. I’m looking forward to it – I’ll definitely try to be there again.


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