Hits with a Joke – Cleaning duty

Posted: January 8, 2017 in cartoon, random
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More radio comedy pictures. There’s a very important and very traditionally Swabian thing, most common in Southern Germany – “Kehrwoche”.

Often, in apartment buildings, neighbors are responsible for cleaning the stairwell, the pavement in front of the house and so on for one week, then it’s the next neighbor’s turn and so on. These weekly cleaning duties are taken very seriously by some, and neglected by others, which often leads to resentment and much grumbling. The “Kehrwoche” sign is handed over to the next one up (or down) the hall by the end of the week to signal whose turn it is. There have probably been wars started over this.

I’m very glad maintenance services are included in the rent where I live, so I’ll (hopefully) never have to do it again.

Cleaning duty

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