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Oops, the end. Hope you enjoyed my little comic. I hardly ever use references for drawing, but in those few pages I tried really hard to use photo references of buildings, movements and everything. But I’ll usually rather mess up some proportions and have it look more dynamic and cartoon-ish than invest so much time looking for the right reference pictures. It was worth a try, though. 😀

The Boots - Page 6

The Boots – Page 6

That’s only the first comic you’ll find on this site! I’ll keep posting new stuff every sunday, mostly apocalypse-related, but also random drawings and other comics.

Here, have some santa muffins!

santa muffins

Have a nice couple of holidays, and see you next week!

So – anyone saw this coming? 😉

After the apocalypse, ammo is cheaper than shoes, I guess? Wonder if they’ll fit her though.

The Boots - page 5

The Boots – page 5

Isn’t she cute? I called her “sock hat”. Also yes, those are bottle caps.

Since I’m not a native speaker, I had some trouble translating the dialogue… In German, they talk with a weird made-up slang, because I wanted to show that the language had changed since the apocalypse. So if you think it sounds too weird, feel free to tell me in the comments and we’ll talk about it.

The Boots - Page 4

The Boots – Page 4

Oh no, who’s that now? Find out next Sunday!

The Boots - page 3

The Boots – page 3

Is it sunday again already??? That went by fast. All right – have a page!

The Boots - page 2

The Boots – page 2

All right, it’s sunday again, so let’s get started with the story.

Clicking on the image leads you to the comics page, where you can read the whole thing comfortably in a gallery.

The Boots - Page 1

The Boots – Page 1

This is a comic I drew a while ago for a contest. It has a postapocalyptic setting and I tried really hard (though not always successfully) to draw backgrounds and different perspectives. Didn’t win anything, but it’s as good a start to this blog as any I guess.

I’ll post one page a week starting now, so next page will be up next… sunday probably?

The Boots - title page