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Wow, I realized only this year that Christmas and the Zombie apocalypse are two things that fit together really well. I think Santa and Rudolph will have more to say about this topic in the future. XD

Have a merry Christmas and a happy new year everyone!

Zombie Xmas 2016

Zombie Xmas 2016

Oh no, it’s over! Hope you liked the story.

I’m not working on another long comic right now, so it’s gonna be mostly cartoons and stuff over here for a while.

Can’t decide if I want to do more postapocalyptic or zombies next, what would you like to see?

MPNS - page 25

MPNS – page 25

And just like that our hero has been recruited by a terrorist organisation… XD

There’s one more page in this comic, after that it’s cartoons and illustrations until I have a story idea for the next one.

MPNS - page 24

MPNS – page 24

Just flesh wounds and scratches.

MPNS - page 23

MPNS – page 23

Time for a superhero landing!

…which is not as easy as it looks, and believe me I’ve tried.

MPNS - page 22

MPNS – page 22

The other half of the double page spread has more fighting, more power armor, and more gradients. Yay!

Below are the left and right side together.

MPNS - page 21

MPNS – page 21


MPNS - page 20-21

MPNS – page 20-21

Another double page spread. In which I discovered gradients in ClipStudioPaint. Awesome shit.

MPNS - page 20

MPNS – page 20