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The title of the song in the mentioned Logan Trailer is “Hurt”. I think it’s by Nine Inch Nails, but has been covered a few times, for example by Johnny Cash. It really got stuck in my head, I’ve been singing it ever since. What a great excuse to draw Hugh Jackman/Wolverine… 😀

Did I draw that? How did I do that? o.O


Another ComicCon Cartoon:

“To the bathroom? Naah, we all just want to get changed.”

To the bathroom? Naah, we all just want to get changed.


Just came back from the second Comic Con Germany in Stuttgart. This time I managed to walk around and see more of the con, but still got some little drawings in when I actually was at my table. Like this one here, for example:

I wouldn't have been lying - the costume was in my duffel bag.

“I’m completely normal, I’m just working here! There is no cosplay costume in my backpack at all!”


I do love working with actual pencils and pens and paper and markers and brushes, it’s fast and it’s cool to have postcard-sized freshly-drawn cartoons for people to see, even though I haven’t sold any yet. Maybe will do some little comissions next time.

It’s a lie. Of course I always wear a helmet when riding a bike. Which also tends to destroy the hairdo.

Hair stylists don't want you to know about this!

Usually, I keep away from politics and caricatures of actual people – but this was actually the first thing that came to mind when i read the collab’s topic for april.

alternative intelligence


…that’s the question.

This strip is not about physics, in case you were wondering.

I can't get no - sleep dup dup dududup dup dup...

A prank doesn’t really work too well if nobody’s there to see it, does it?

Apparently, most people normally do not work on weekends. And thus, my evil plans for world domination get foiled yet again. My villain self is very sad.

NOOOO! I would have world domination already if I could just remember what day it is...