Professional equipment isn’t everything.

Every single one of these speech bubbles (and a lot more I couldn’t fit into the picture) are based on real life experience.

Yes, sometimes my work is quite stressful.


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It’s not physically possible. I’m quite certain if anyone ever managed to eat just one crisp, the universe would explode.


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There you go, a nice little BLOODBATH for halloween. You’re welcome.

but it ITCHES!

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Pigdog loves parties for lots of different reasons.

None of the gift certificates have ever been redeemed.

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IT is back. It’s not that I’m lazy or anything – the abominable pigdog is keeping me from updating the blog, I swear!

The abominable Pigdog is, let's say, alternatively creative.

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One of my favourite activities when my flat becomes a sauna in summer – grocery shopping. It’s the supermarket’s own fault if they leave the fridges open, isn’t it?

I always take my three penguins shopping obviously.

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Any climbers around here? What do you yell when you’re at the top of a route and your belayer is supposed to let you down? In German, it’s a pun because we say something like “off!”. ┬áSo please correct me if “down” is the wrong phrase.

famous last words

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