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More radio comedy pictures. In Germany, there’s a tradition on Father’s Day (which was last week). Not only fathers, but men in general will take a cart full of beer and a ghetto blaster and hike until the beer is gone or they don’t remember where they were going. Then they will have a barbecue. In this case the group has booked a bus trip to an island in Lake Constance. Huh, I guess it’s not a joke you can explain, really. Hope the picture in itself is a little bit funny anyway.

Father's Day

Father’s Day

For a radio comedy series I drew lots of little cartoons like this. The series itself probably isnĀ“t that interesting for you since it`s not only German but German dialect, but I hope you can still enjoy the picture. Oh, and please don`t ask me what brand of car this is supposed to be – I`m pretty sure this vehicle defies a few laws of physics.

Beer Festival

Beer Festival