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So after years of no funny ideas at all, I had something like creative diarrhea a few days ago. Let’s see if I can put all those ideas into a working concept for weekly strips. Until then, have some zombie action!

The Camera - page 5

The Camera – page 5


Hey, I’ve got a great idea for a zombie story: Zombie shows up, main character strolls away, zombie loses her, the (happy) end. Boooooring! 😀

The Camera - page 4

The Camera – page 4

I’ve started playing Escape Dead Island on the PS3 for half an hour or so after work to relax. It’s a pretty straightforward game, nothing special and not that exciting. But it’s not too hard and you get to bash zombies, so it suits it’s purpose just fine. And just walking away from zombies always works great in the game, too. Not.

The Camera - page 3

The Camera – page 3

dun, dun, dunnnn!

The Camera - page 2

The Camera – page 2

This first page was originally drawn only with a blue ballpoint pen. Had an interesting dynamic to it, but unfortunately it smudged on the way home and I had to start over with proper tools.

The Camera - Page 1

The Camera – Page 1

Yay, Zombies!

This Comic is drawn completely by hand, using old-school tools like brush pen, fineliner and markers, on real paper. That’s also the reason for the unconventional “half A4” format: I had to fold the paper to fit it in my bag so I could work on it anywhere.

Zombie Stories - The Camera

Zombie Stories – The Camera