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Here’s something Manga Studio really doesn’t do very well – .jpg export. But I’m just too lazy to export a .psd of every page just to convert it to .jpg in PS – sorry guys! You can see a better looking version on the German site.

MPNS - page 5

MPNS – page 5

It’s not that I’m against foreigners, but…. I’m against all those nazis, AfD supporters and other racists out there feeling justified to hate people just because they’re different. Political statement for 2016 – check. So yes, of course you can interpret my comics on different levels. But you don’t have to.

MPNS - page 4

MPNS – page 4


How would a post apocalyptic vault dweller artist invent Japanese-sounding names for her manga characters…?

MPNS - page 3

MPNS – page 3


I have no idea what’s written in panel 3. MangaStudio says it means “shock”, but who knows… XD

MPNS - page 04


Since I had decided to try out a more Manga-like style for this story, I used it as an excuse to finally get Manga Studio (or Clip Studio Paint). And wow, that is some powerful tool for creating comics. I probably haven’t used more than 10% of it’s functions yet, and I’m still trying to figure out what some of the buttons do or how to make it do the things I want.

But using tools like 3D posing or background materials feels like cheating somehow. Of course this doesn’t keep me from doing it. 😀

MPNS - page 1

MPNS – page 1