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My new trick to fight test anxiety: Star Wars references.


The title of the song in the mentioned Logan Trailer is “Hurt”. I think it’s by Nine Inch Nails, but has been covered a few times, for example by Johnny Cash. It really got stuck in my head, I’ve been singing it ever since. What a great excuse to draw Hugh Jackman/Wolverine… 😀

Did I draw that? How did I do that? o.O


Usually, I keep away from politics and caricatures of actual people – but this was actually the first thing that came to mind when i read the collab’s topic for april.

alternative intelligence


When practising Aikido, I naturally have full control of my body at all times. -.-

Hakamas are still awesome.


If you didn’t know what a panic attack feels like, be thankful because this is it. When I thought of this, I immediately had some other (not so) funny situations in mind, but was too late to finish them for the comic collab. But I’ll draw them eventually, promise.

panic attack

A-NY-TIME at all. The little lies you keep telling yourself. Like “if I keep practising long enough, my lettering will become nice and even someday”.

Chocolate addict

This is the first time I did something like “real” art. Of course I had to upload it to my redbubble shop.

There’s a bunch of German artists collaborating to post comics about a given topic (this time: “word art”) once a month. This is my contribution for December.

word art