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IT is back. It’s not that I’m lazy or anything – the abominable pigdog is keeping me from updating the blog, I swear!

The abominable Pigdog is, let's say, alternatively creative.

The title of the song in the mentioned Logan Trailer is “Hurt”. I think it’s by Nine Inch Nails, but has been covered a few times, for example by Johnny Cash. It really got stuck in my head, I’ve been singing it ever since. What a great excuse to draw Hugh Jackman/Wolverine… πŸ˜€

Did I draw that? How did I do that? o.O


How (not) to draw a car

Posted: January 29, 2017 in artwork, random
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I’ve decided that my next comic will be about zombies! Unfortunately, the story I want to draw involves some cars. Have I mentioned that cars seem to be my nemesis?

how to (not) draw cars

Sooo. My first time. It probably wasn’t the last. πŸ˜€

This was my table at the con. The left side was the postapocalyptic part with Angel Falls Comics and decorations, right side was cartoons and postcards.


Deep down inside I probably didn’t expect to sell anything at all, so the first thing that happened on saturday was this:

me: "one chocolate bar, please." coffee lady: "...forgot to bring any change money, didn't you."

me: “one chocolate bar, please.”
coffee lady: “…forgot to bring change money, didn’t you.”

Once I started to draw, I realized I hadn’t done any non-digital drawing with actual pens on paper in forever, and how much I had missed that, so I just kept on drawing for the next two days straight. To give me an excuse I invented the “zombie cartoon apocalypse” and had a lot of fun drawing dead people for the rest of the con.


It was the first convention of this kind and size in Germany, and supposedly it was a huge success, so it’ll probably be even bigger next year. I’m looking forward to it – I’ll definitely try to be there again.

Zombie sketches

Posted: August 17, 2015 in random, zombies
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Oops, I went LARPing and missed some updates. I’ll start the next zombie story next Sunday. Until then, have some random zombie sketches!

zombie sketches

Since I’m one of the leading experts in that area, I took a scientific approach to the topic and made a pie chart.

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