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It’s a lie. Of course I always wear a helmet when riding a bike. Which also tends to destroy the hairdo.

Hair stylists don't want you to know about this!

Comic-Collab: “Hair”

Posted: November 15, 2014 in cartoon, diary, random
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Here, have another cartoon! Just don’t get used to the frequent updates, that’s not normal.

Some German comic creators started a monthly comic collaboration a few years ago, where everybody draws something about a set topic. I always wanted to join in, but never seemed to find the time. Now that drawing and uploading stuff is so easy, I decided to finally do it. The other participants are listed on the German site in case you want to head over and get to know some awesome German artists.

actually, the color was called "Light Blue", it didn't stay blue for long and my grandma never saw it.

Actually, the color was called “Light Blue”, it only stayed blue-ish for 2 weeks,¬†and my grandma never saw it.