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Not much left to regroup, but nice try anyway.

MPNS - page 18

MPNS – page 18


So many different speedlines! Speedlines are great because you don’t have to think about where your characters are standing and what kind of background would be visible from there. Awesome stuff.

MPNS - page 17

MPNS – page 17

Yay for teamwork! x.X

MPNS - page 16

MPNS – page 16



I only put the vertibird on the roof so I could blow it up now. I like blowing shit up. :3

MPNS - page 15

MPNS – page 15

As you have probably guessed, the last two pages are designed as a double page spread. Here’s what that looks like:

MPNS - page 14-15

MPNS – page 14-15

I have never seen a rocket launcher in my life, but who cares?

There’s supposed to be a sound word like “Foompph” for the first panel, but MangaStudio didn’t have that one in Japanese.

MPNS - page 14

MPNS – page 14

…”who would dare attack us anyway?”… not predictable at all, was it. XD

And this is where the fun starts.

MPNS - page 13

MPNS – page 13

Using MangaStudio backgrounds feels like cheating, but I’m too lazy not to do it anyway. XD

MPNS - page 12

MPNS – page 12