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And just like that our hero has been recruited by a terrorist organisation… XD

There’s one more page in this comic, after that it’s cartoons and illustrations until I have a story idea for the next one.

MPNS - page 24

MPNS – page 24

Just flesh wounds and scratches.

MPNS - page 23

MPNS – page 23

Time for a superhero landing!

…which is not as easy as it looks, and believe me I’ve tried.

MPNS - page 22

MPNS – page 22

The other half of the double page spread has more fighting, more power armor, and more gradients. Yay!

Below are the left and right side together.

MPNS - page 21

MPNS – page 21


MPNS - page 20-21

MPNS – page 20-21

Another double page spread. In which I discovered gradients in ClipStudioPaint. Awesome shit.

MPNS - page 20

MPNS – page 20