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When it’s about sports, Pigdog usually loses. 🙂

Se oi nage, doso.


That car looks so weird it probably wouldn’t even go. But neither would the bike for that matter. XD

I want to ride my bicy-hycle, I want to ride my bike...

Well, as long as it’s a pizza “vegetale” that still counts as healthy, right? RIGHT?

aaand by salad I mean pizza.

Happens every time.

fortunately, there's always the extra dessert stomach...

Yeah, I wish. It’s supposed to start snowing again on Wednesday!?! o.O

Actually the weather hasn't been nice enough to get out the deck chair yet. :-(

Since there just isn’t a translation for the German expression of “beating your inner pigdog”, I used the first strip of this mini series to let Pigdog explain itself. Is it conclusive enough for non-Germans to understand?

It's New York Super Fudge, so don't you judge me!

…that’s the question.

This strip is not about physics, in case you were wondering.

I can't get no - sleep dup dup dududup dup dup...