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You can already tell what I’m working on pretty much day and night right now, it’s “Mutant Power Ninja Squad”, which is lots of fun to draw and also really hard because it’s sort of manga/anime and I have no clue how to do that kind of style! 😀

Unfortunately, in a moment of creative overmotivation, I wrote the script to be 24 pages long, so I’m guessing it’ll be June until I can post it here. In the meantime there’ll be other stuff, whatever I come up with…

Vault Raiders - back cover

Vault Raiders – back cover

The end. Next week will be the back cover. Until then, have a happy Easter.

Vault Raiders - page 12

Vault Raiders – page 12

Mister Salez is such a cool bad guy I couldn’t allow them to catch him. Who knows, maybe he will be back one day…?

Oh no, Vault Raiders is almost finished and the next volume’s not done yet! Buffer underrun! o.O

Vault Raiders - page 11

Vault Raiders – page 11

Awesome, Dude! *Insert air guitar*

Vault Raiders - page 10

Vault Raiders – page 10

Just in case you’re wondering why Nuka Kola is spelled with a “K”… The title “Vault Raiders and the INKA bunker treasure” was there before the story, so I needed so make up something that I.N.K.A stood for.Vault Raiders - page 9

Vault Raiders – page 9

Robot fight scene! Please mentally add V.A.T.S. mode with according sound effects and slow motion.

Vault Raiders - page 8

Vault Raiders – page 8

Uh, oh.

Vault Raiders - page 7

Vault Raiders – page 7