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Another ComicCon Cartoon:

“To the bathroom? Naah, we all just want to get changed.”

To the bathroom? Naah, we all just want to get changed.



Just came back from the second Comic Con Germany in Stuttgart. This time I managed to walk around and see more of the con, but still got some little drawings in when I actually was at my table. Like this one here, for example:

I wouldn't have been lying - the costume was in my duffel bag.

“I’m completely normal, I’m just working here! There is no cosplay costume in my backpack at all!”


I do love working with actual pencils and pens and paper and markers and brushes, it’s fast and it’s cool to have postcard-sized freshly-drawn cartoons for people to see, even though I haven’t sold any yet. Maybe will do some little comissions next time.

You can probably guess by the picture which song was used here… The comedy song is about the so-called “smog alarm” in Stuttgart. Whenever there’s a certain kind of weather in winter, you’re not supposed to drive cars into the city to reduce smog. This year, it’s still voluntary, and you can use public transportation at half price on smog alarm days, so I’m a big fan. The Village People would be, too, I’m sure.

smog alarm

Comic Con Germany is happening in my home town this year – June 25./26. right in Stuttgart! So naturally I was going to go there as a visitor – until I found the form for artists on their page and just spontaneously applied for a table.

So guess who’s going to have a table at Comic Con Germany now?! 😀

Comic Con

Comic Con

I’m really excited, this will be my first convention ever and I have no idea what to expect.

At my table I’ll have all 4 (including the new) Angel Falls Comics, some postcards and maybe even a printed version of A Gobo’s Life. Anyone who buys something gets a personal drawing, and whoever shows up cosplaying a character from one of my comics gets a comic of his/her choice (doesn’t have to be mine) and I’ll treat them to a meal at the con. 😉

So if you happen to be at Comic Con Germany in June, visit me at my table (“my table at Comic Con Germany” – I have to say it again and again, it just sounds so cool!), I’m looking forward to meeting you!