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It’s not just the lights that are still working…

How the hell do you draw a green light in a black and white comic? I wonder what color the spinning one is.

Vault Raiders - page 6

Vault Raiders – page 6


Poor Spider. I bet it has been living there peacefully since before the great fire.

Vault Raiders - page 5

Vault Raiders – page 5

“Pock”. Heehee. šŸ˜€

Vault Raiders - page 4

Vault Raiders – page 4

There is actually a whole book of scavenger markings. In this page I realized I didn’t want to draw those stupid backpacks in every single panel, so I explained them away.

Vault Raiders - page 3

Vault Raiders – page 3

Vault Raiders page 2, in which I made good use of the copy&past function in procreate – again.

Vault Raiders - page 2

Vault Raiders – page 2

Let’s start with one of my best – and most time consumingĀ – establishing shots ever. It’s plain to see what kind of comics I grew up with and what kind of drawing styles I feel comfortable with.

By the way,Ā I drew the wholeĀ comic (except for text bubbles and border lines) on my iPad.

Vault Raiders - page 1

Vault Raiders – page 1

The third volume in my Angel Falls Comics series is called “Vault Raiders and the INKA bunker treasure”. Like the other two before, it is set in the postapocalyptic F.A.T.E. universe and works as propaganda for one of the large groups you can play in the game. After the Messengers and the Army of Steel, this comic depicts the Scavengers, and like the ones before I blatantly stole paid homage to a lot of things from the comic, game and movie world. Anyone recognize the drawing style I tried to copy? How many references can you find?

Vault Raiders and the INKA bunker treasure

Vault Raiders and the INKA bunker treasure