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Thereˋs actually a lot more reasons why Aikido is a great hobby.

Happy new year everybody!

You never know when it will come in handy.

When it’s about sports, Pigdog usually loses. 🙂

Se oi nage, doso.

When practising Aikido, I naturally have full control of my body at all times. -.-

Hakamas are still awesome.



Posted: November 12, 2014 in cartoon, comic, diary, random
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I’m still goofing around with wordpress and the blog in general…
Today, I wanted to know if a workflow was possible that only Users – damnit, stupid German autocorrect, stop that, you’re not Helbing! And wtf is “Helbing” supposed to mean anyway?
…Anyway, a workflow only using an iPad. And yes, it is!
This cartoon was sketched and drawn in Procreate with a Creative Stylus and then uploaded using the wordpress app.
And all of that on a single battery charge, too. I have to damit I’m kinda proud of myself right now…
Also, I reeaally hope the Japanese writing isn’t too far off.

This happened to me last Wednesday.