I’m not happy with the English translation in this one. Speech bubble space is too limited for complicated explanations. 😦

If you watch a TV series on German TV, it’s usually at least one season behind and also dubbed. Thanks to Amazon, Netflix, iTunes and the like, there’s also the possibility of buying and binge watching whole (OV) seasons at once. Fortunately, I’m up to date with all of my current favorites (The Walking Dead, Fear the Walking Dead, American Gods, Mr. Robot), so I’m only glued to the screen for two hours every week. But once in a while I just happen to discover new (to me, anyway) things on TV and instead of waiting for the German version to air I then just watch all of it online. At once. Because who needs sleep, anyway? o.O

It's not a question of "if" but rather "who" and "when".

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Comic Con Germany is coming up in 3 weeks, so there’s the question of which of my stuff to print.

Since people have been asking for business cards last time, I’ve decided to get some. Here’s my highly professional design so people know right away that my business cards mean serious business!

Cartoons & Comics, Illustration, World domination.

“Cartoons & Comics – Illustration – World domination”

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When it’s about sports, Pigdog usually loses. 🙂

Se oi nage, doso.

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That car looks so weird it probably wouldn’t even go. But neither would the bike for that matter. XD

I want to ride my bicy-hycle, I want to ride my bike...

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Well, as long as it’s a pizza “vegetale” that still counts as healthy, right? RIGHT?

aaand by salad I mean pizza.

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Happens every time.

fortunately, there's always the extra dessert stomach...

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Yeah, I wish. It’s supposed to start snowing again on Wednesday!?! o.O

Actually the weather hasn't been nice enough to get out the deck chair yet. :-(

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