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My new trick to fight test anxiety: Star Wars references.


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Pigdog is just too lazy for driver’s ed. Also, what’s the best thing about New Year’s? Of course, Christmas chocolates are 50% off.

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Thereˋs actually a lot more reasons why Aikido is a great hobby.

Happy new year everybody!

You never know when it will come in handy.

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It is quite embarrassing.

Come on, admit it!

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In real life, books are much more likely to keep me from sleeping than parties.

There's probably a song with that title, isn't there?

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Sooo, I’m pretty sure there’s no literal English translation for this (unlike in Arabic), but maybe there’s a proverb or phrase that has the same meaning?

Something like focusing on and exaggerating a previously almost nonexistent thing until it becomes a real problem?

Any ideas?

I'm a leaf on the wind... ;-(

The animation consists of 18 single pictures that I drew in procreate and fed to an online gif maker. I would have liked to make the movement smoother, with a slower transformation, but it had to be done in half a day so it was quick and dirty work.

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Professional equipment isn’t everything.

Every single one of these speech bubbles (and a lot more I couldn’t fit into the picture) are based on real life experience.

Yes, sometimes my work is quite stressful.

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It’s not physically possible. I’m quite certain if anyone ever managed to eat just one crisp, the universe would explode.


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There you go, a nice little BLOODBATH for halloween. You’re welcome.

but it ITCHES!

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