You can probably guess by the picture which song was used here… The comedy song is about the so-called “smog alarm” in Stuttgart. Whenever there’s a certain kind of weather in winter, you’re not supposed to drive cars into the city to reduce smog. This year, it’s still voluntary, and you can use public transportation at half price on smog alarm days, so I’m a big fan. The Village People would be, too, I’m sure.

smog alarm

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When practising Aikido, I naturally have full control of my body at all times. -.-

Hakamas are still awesome.


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Panic Monsters don’t mean any harm, they’re just scared. This doesn’t help if you have one hanging on to you though.

Water Panic

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Comedy thing about how in Winter, salt gets stuck to your car and you constantly have to refill cleaning fluid. If you don’t understand it that doesn’t matter. The dialect in this one is so weird even I only get about half of it.

Winter driving

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If you didn’t know what a panic attack feels like, be thankful because this is it. When I thought of this, I immediately had some other (not so) funny situations in mind, but was too late to finish them for the comic collab. But I’ll draw them eventually, promise.

panic attack

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I wonder what google search terms will turn up for this one. 😄

SWR4 Alien

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I was too lazy to draw an English version, sorry.

fluffy carpet

“watch out when you leave… they just installed new carpet in the hallway.” – “FLUFFY.”

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